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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Yahoo! announces 'phased rollout' of new version of Mail

Internet portal, Yahoo! has announced what it is calling a 'phased rollout' of new features for its web-based Mail product.

As mailbox sizes grow - Yahoo is currently offering 1GB of disk space to each user (and Yahoo! Mail Plus users get 2GB) - the amount of data kept in mailboxes is growing rapidly. In order to be able to better manage their mail Yahoo! Mail users are being offered a battery of new search-related features.

According to Yahoo!, the new version of Mail can conduct a quick search of e-mail header, body, and attachments and show snippets with highlighted matches on search terms for a quick review of search results.

The client will also display thumbnails of photos and other views of attachments, which makes it easier to scan though pictures and documents saved in email messages. It is claimed that the new version also provides intelligent matching on searches using prefixes of words.

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