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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

IBM ships VTL, updates SVC

The launch of the VTL was coupled with an update to IBM's SVC storage virtualization system, and updates to IBM's server virtualization products, all under the company's "Virtualization Engine" branding.

Earlier this year IBM told Computer Business Review that it would ship an Open Systems VTL this year, but would follow it up with a more sophisticated product in 2006. Despite IBM's longstanding history in mainframe tape emulation, the company is not an early entrant to the nascent market for open systems tape emulators. The first major suppliers to ship open systems VTLs were tape library vendors. Last year EMC became the first big disk vendor to ship an open systems VTL, and HP followed suit last month.

EMC and HP have named the OEM sources of their VTL technology, as FalconStor Software and Sepaton respectively. IBM admits that its VTL, called the Virtualization Engine TS7510, is based on OEM'ed technology, but it will not say from where.

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