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Thursday, August 11, 2005

AOL Wants To Be Part Of The Cellular Phone

America Online Inc. on Monday said it has acquired wireless software maker Wildseed Ltd, a deal that could help AOL embed its services in cellular phones sold by wireless carriers.

AOL bought the Kirkland, Wash.-based, Wildseed for its technology and engineers, a company spokeswoman said. AOL, a division of Time Warner Inc., is not committing to any of the company's products. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

"What we're excited about, and why we bought the company, is for the technology and the talent," the spokeswoman said. "We're not saying anything firm about what we're going to do (with the company)."

Wildseed sells the SmartSkin cellular-phone accessory that provides a variety of services, including ringtones, message alerts, animations, video clips and games. The accessory, which is available in different themes, ran on Wildseed's Curitel Identity handset. Curitel was the company's debut product.

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